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When it comes to any extreme sport, such as snow biking, having the right equipment can significantly affect your experience and safety. One of the must-have equipment of any snow biker is hand guards. In this article, we’ll dive into why you should use hand guards, some features that you should look for, and where you can buy them. We also have reviews of the best snow bike hand guards we could get our “hands” on.  Read on to find out more!  

Why Use Hand Guards?

Hand guards serve various purposes while riding your snow bike. Snow bike hand guards are specifically designed to be very durable and highly insulated. This serves two purposes; one is to protect your hand from any injury during a fall or passing by trees. It will keep your hands safe from flying debris such as rocks and branches. The other is to keep your hands’ warm while out in the cold weather. 

Having shivering, cold hands during a ride can be detrimental to your experience, and even your safety. This is why having snow bike hand guards on is highly recommended. Not only are hand guards highly functional, but it can also be highly fashionable too. Snow bike hand guards come in different stylish designs that will suit your tastes. 

You can install the hand guards to enhance the look and functionality of your snow bike. It’s a two in one deal. Now that we’ve outlined why you should use hand guards when riding, let’s look at the key features you should watch out for. 

Key Features to Look for in Snow Bike Hand Guards

Finding the right snow bike hand guard can be a big challenge, especially so if you don’t know what features you want to find. In this section, we’ll look at all the key features you should look for when shopping for your new snow bike hand guards. 

Knowing these features will help you in picking out the best snow bike hand guards for your needs.

Easy to Equip and Remove

Snow bike hand guards should be convenient and easy to use. A high-quality snow bike hand guard will have features that enhance this trait. You should be able to easily strap it on or off in a matter of seconds. This will make getting ready to go on a ride much faster and easier for the rider. 

Highly compatible and Configurable

One of the first things you should look for in snow bike hand guards is how configurable they are. Not all snow bike hand guards will be compatible with every snow bike. Each snow bike is unique, and having a hand guard with different possible mounting configurations is a huge plus. This will save you the headache of buying a new hand guard and realizing it doesn’t fit your snow bike.

Very Durable

The point of having a hand guard on your snow bike is to protect your hands from various flying debris such as rocks or branches. You should look for snow bike hand guards that can take a beating from the outside elements. 

Flimsy snow bike hand guards won’t last long, especially if you’re a frequent rider. We highly recommend investing in a highly durable set of snow bike hand guards; even if they can be pretty expensive. 

Excellent Insulation

You’ll be riding in the cold or wet all day so excellent insulation is a must. Look for snow bike hand guards that can keep your hands dry and warm regardless of the riding conditions outside. From heavy snows to rainy nights, the snow bike hand guard should do its job effectively. 

If you want, there are hand guards with vent covers available. With these types of hand guards, you get the option to remove or keep the vent covers, depending on the situation. You can remove the vent covers during warmer days where you need better airflow, to avoid sweaty hands. For colder days, you can snap the vent covers back in to help keep your hands warm and dry.


Even though snow bike hand guards are an important part of a rider’s gear, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to experience the features of a good hand guard. Look for snow bike hand guards that are affordable yet still offers the features above.  

There are plenty of choices out in the market today, the reviews we’ve added in this article will also feature some affordable yet still high-quality snow bike hand guards you can buy today.      

With these key features in mind, you’ll have the knowledge you need to buy the right snow bike hand guard for your snow bike. Additionally, the reviews below will further help you narrow down your choices of snow bike hand guards.                 

Best Snow Bike Hand Guards Reviews

We’ve scoured the web in search of the best snowbiking hand guards we can find. This list will help you compare the different features and prices of snow bike hand guards. You can use this list as your reference for when you want to go shopping or just buy one of the items listed if one catches your eye.

Polaris Timbersled Handlebar Gauntlets – $79.99

The first one on our list is the handlebar gauntlets from Polaris Timbersled. If you want an affordable yet very dependable snow bike guard, this pair won’t disappoint you. 

These gauntlets are made using compression-molded nylon that can hold its shape very effectively. This in turn will help in protecting your hands from the outside elements. It is strategically designed to direct all the snow and cold air away from your hands, keeping them nicely warm and dry during your ride.

The installation for the Polaris Timbersled Handlebar gauntlets is really simple. These hand guards include durable straps that can be easily mounted. For cleaning, you only need to use a dry cloth and mild soapy water. The only thing we didn’t like about this pair is that they only come in one color option, black.   

Overall, the Polaris Timbersled Handlebar Gauntlets will do their job effectively, all for a very cheap price.               

Forcefield Wrap-Around Handguards Complete – $229.95

Second, on our list is the Forcefield Warp-Around Handguards Complete. This entry is the most expensive one on our list, but we believe it is worth the big investment. We guarantee that you’ll receive your entire money’s worth.

This pair of handguards have various features, coming together to make the price tag very worth it. One of our favorite features is the various color options for both the mount and shield. The mount colors come in either Black, Blue, Orange, Red, or Silver. While the color options for the shield are combinations of the following: 

  • Black – Blue – White 
  • Black – Green – White
  • Black – Orange – White 
  • Black – Red – White
  • Black – Yellow – White
  • Black – Grey – White
  • All Black with no decals

As you can see, there are plenty of color options available to suit the design of your snow bike. Moving on to the rest of the specs, the Forcefield wrap-around handguards fully wraps around the handlebars to offer maximum protection for your hands. It also features a very durable and sturdy aluminum bar that acts like the whole backbone of the handguard. 

Our top favorite feature of this handguard pair is its very adaptable mounting options. Its design guarantees that it won’t interfere with the throttle/clutch/brake cables on most of the popular snow bike models. It is very sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, making it less of a hassle to equip and handle. 

These handguards may be very pricey but it offers plenty of features that are very useful for all snow bikers out there, from beginner to veterans. If you’ve got the funds, we highly recommend checking this one out.            

Acerbix X-Factor Handguards – $189.99

If you’re looking for handguards that offer high functionality with stylish design, then look no further than the Acerbix X-Factor Handguards. These bad boys will help protect your hands while doing it in style. The sleek design will enhance the looks of any snow bike out there. It comes in a variety of color options which includes:

  • Black
  • 16 KTM Orange/White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange/Black
  • Orange/White
  • Red
  • Red/White
  • White
  • Yellow

This handguards’ impact resistance is top-notch, boasting a 3mm anodized aluminum bar and a dual-injected polypropylene shield. This ensures that your hands will be protected even in extreme conditions.  You don’t have to worry about mounting this beast as it comes with universal mounting hardware.

Ride in style and confidence knowing that no cold or debris will interfere with your hand’s comfort during a ride.  

Bushwackers Hand Guards – $79.99

Lastly, the last on our list is another very affordable hand guard option. The Bushwackers hand guards offer all the things you want a hand guard to do. It will effectively protect your hands from harsh cold winds and snow debris during your rides. Our favorite thing about these hand guards is their easy installation. You can remove it easily whenever the weather clears.

For very secure attachment, it includes a 15-inch stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Straps. Unfortunately, these hand guards do not have any color options available. If you want a simple and affordable hand guard that does its job well enough, you can go wrong with these.                 

Where to Get Hand Guards

 You can buy hand guards anywhere you can buy gear for snow bikes or snowmobiles. There are plenty of online stores you can visit that also offer high-quality hand guards. You can click the links above in our reviews to visit these shops yourself.


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