Timbersled 2022 Snow Bike Lineup

Snow bikers, brace yourselves for the newest Timbersled snow bike lineup 2022 to grace the snow-packed road. To all the snow bike enthusiasts out there, it sure is an adrenalin pumper. The old models have made snow riders get the best in snow riding experience. But Polaris continuously comes up with new innovation and technology. With the addition of the RIOT 3 snow bike, fans will have something amazing to look forward to.

Here are the six different Timbersled models for 2022:

  • Ripper: Family fun riding
  • RIOT: The ultimate dirt bike-like ride
  • RIOT 3: The ultimate dirk bike-like ride in deep snow
  • ARO 129 & 137: Unmatched handling, Ultimate versatility
  • ARO 3: Deep powder dominance
  • 120 SX, a race model

With these Timbersled snow bike 2022 models, Polaris, the leader in snow bikes, is aiming to take snow bikers to the next level. This lineup provides riders more options and customization suitable for their riding styles. Blend with the perfect track and shock package; no terrain is too challenging to conquer now.

Adding up the excitement to these new models are the expanded line of accessories to customize and personalize your Timbersled snow bikes. Among these fantastic accessories is the new TSS QSL shock featuring the new internal geometry and tune.

The PRO, PREMIUM, and SPORT Options (2022)

Timbersled Snow Bike 3 Trim Levels for 2022: Pro, Premium, & Sport

The Pro

The Pro package is the top-of-the-line, most exclusive package that comes with intense Fox IBP QS3 shocks. It is made from internal bypass as well as lightweight springs. ARO 3 and Riot 3 are Pro models available in a different selection of colors.

The Premium

The Premium trim level features a FOX QS3 track shock. It has three easy-click compressions for excellent ride and handling. The Premium trim is also offered in RIOT and ARO models.

The Sport 

The Sport trim offers rebuildable, Timbersled shocks, which are available in both RIOT and ARO select models.

Let’s dive in to each of these new snow bike models!

Timbersled RIOT and RIOT 3

Timbersled riot 3

The Timbersled RIOT is a trendsetter in snow bikes. With its 129″ x 11.5″ wide track with 2.5″ lugs, you can ride anywhere with all snow conditions. RIOT has the capability to wheelie, climb, and make a quick line change. The RIOT has proven durability of Timbersled Spindle, which is designed for bolt-on installation with no drilling. 

Featured Review: “I moved to this Riot after riding a Camso DTS129 and haven’t looked back! Great shocks, great ski, and it’s awesome to have working brakes! Keep up the good work, TS!”

Introducing the RIOT 3

While the RIOT is a revolutionary design in itself, the RIOT 3 is a game-changer. Featuring its 129″ track and 3″ lug height, it can plow into deeper and steeper terrain. RIOT 3 is definitely built for fun and extreme adventures of snow bike riders alike.

The RIOT 3 is the perfect blend of ARO 3′ track and RIOT’s skid frame. This combination is what makes snow riders crazy about RIOT 3.

Featured Review: No reviews as of this time.

RIOT Versus RIOT 3

  • RIOT 3 is half the price of RIOT.
  • RIOT 3 comes in a selection of colors (black, blue, red, orange, black), while RIOT has only black color.
  • The front and rear track shock of RIOT 3 is FOX 1.5 Zero QS3 / FOX Lightweight bypass QS3, while RIOT got Timbersled IFP / 1.5 Zero QS3
  • Both have RIOT as rear suspension.
  • The main feature of RIOT 3 is its 3″ Traverse track compared with 2.5″ of RIOT.


Aro 3

ARO is tagged as the “Deep Power Dominance” Timbersled snow bike because of its ability to climb the steepest mountain and the deepest snow with the first-ever 3″ track. Its combination of Timberlsed Traverse Ski and Timbersled Traverse Track plus its aluminum chassis and suspension, ARO delivers excellent handling and ultimate deep snow lift.

Featured Review: There is no review yet for this model at this time.

ARO 3 Features:

  • ARO offers suspension technology of FOX Racing QS3 Shocks, FOX Racing IBP QS3, and S package. 
  • ARO comes in 11.5” x 129” x 3” Track, Timbersled ARO 3 Drivers, and Timbersled ARO Rear Suspension
  • Racing Heritage, Aluminum Frame and Extruded Frame Rails, and Pre-Bled Brake System

ARO 137 Versus ARO 3

  • ARO 3 is plus or minus $1000 more expensive than ARO 137
  • ARO 3 has a selection of colors—black, blue, red, orange, and white, whereas ARO 137 comes only in black color.
  • ARO 3’s front track shock is made from FOX 1.5 Zero QS3 / FOX Lightweight bypass QS3, while ARO 137 is Timbersled IFP
  • ARO 3 has a 3″ track, while ARO 137 has a 2.5″ track

ARO 129 & 137

Aro 137

The ARO 129 comes in a 129″ x 11.5’ wide track with 2.5’ lugs, while the ARO 137 drives with a 137″ track, other than that they have the same exact specification. ARO 3 is the first to introduce the only snow bike with a 3” paddle track. With its 3” traverses track, ARO allows snow bikers to deep snow performance with intensified floatation and traction. With ARO’s port-less design, there is more track belt surface area for increasing floatation and lift.

Featured Reviews: “The Aro is Sick! Rips on the trail and is almost unstoppable in the mountains! The installation was easy; maintenance is a breeze! I bought mine this fall and had 6 rides on it. Thanks, Timbersled, for getting the adventure started!”

120 SX (race model)

timbersled race

Tagged as “Born to Race. Built to Win”, this 120 SX Timbersled snow bike provides a one-of-a-kind riding experience. This new 120 SX is built with race-ready features and technology. Its suspension shock made from FOX QSR provides a worry-free ride over chatter bumps. Because of its lighter and more compact frame, it increases its impact on the snow. The latest 120 SX has the best pre-bled Brembo braking mechanism, which gives longer-lasting and fade-free braking and quick stop. 120 SXs’ 10” X 25.5” X 2.52” inch wide track will provide snow riders with an optimized race experience through its best traction and control. Its more compact chassis with 95 lb. kit put more horsepower to the snow.

Timbersled Ripper

Timbersled Ripper

This 93” x 6.5” wide track with 1.25” lugs is a snow bike for young riders. It is specially styled for a family riding experience. Its improved on-and-off trail performance is perfect for beginners. The Ripper has an adjustable seat height which gives confidence and control for all bikers of all sizes. Start the family adventure with this family-friendly Timbersled Ripper snow bike.

Featured Review: “The bike has adequate power to turn the track, and the bike can travel at about 35km/hr, which is decent. It took about 5 rides for my 8-year old son to get a feel for it – now he is really comfortable with it. I am surprised by how/where it can go. It can break trail almost anywhere on flat ground.”

All About Polaris Timbersled

The birth of Timbersled in 2010 has given the snow bike industry so much to look forward to. Timbersled continues to provide new technology for better backcountry riding. All Timbersled systems convert your bike from dirt to snow for year-round riding pleasure.

With this new lineup, Timbersled has once again proven its versatility in innovating snow bike technology, especially with the introduction of the RIOT 3.

Timbersled Style

Choose the model that best fits your taste and riding style.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best snow bike for you. Ask yourself these questions to understand which snowbike might fit your style the best:

  • What kind of rider are you? Do you want control over all snow conditions, or do you prefer the most dirt bike-like ride on snow?
  • What about seat height? Do you prefer the standard seat height for extreme terrain or a 3″ lower seat height for agility?
  • In terms of terrain capability, do you prefer any snow condition or maximum powder in deep traction or floatation in deep and steep terrain?
  • What level of shock and adjustability do you prefer? Do you prefer 3 position adjustments for premium performance or 12 position adjustments for intense performance?
  • What color match your personality? Black, white, red, orange, or blue.
  • What’s your budget?

Speaking of budget, let’s take a look at the Timbersled pricing options:

Here are a few mid-range options.

  • RIOT Premium price starts at $5,499
  • ARO 129 Sport prices starts at $5,499
  • ARO 137 Premium price starts at $5,999

If you have preferred to get the best-of-the-best regardless of the price, here are suggestions for you:

  • ARO 3 Premium price starts at $6,999
  • RIOT 3 Premium price starts at $6,999
  • 120 SX price starts at $7,499

If you have a beginner snowbiker ripper at home, the Ripper Family fun Timbersled 10cc Bike is perfect with a price starting at $1999.

Whether you are on for an extreme ride or fun ride or just a chill ride with the family, Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup offers the models that are suitable to your needs. Get the best deal now!

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